High-Definition Source



   High-Definition_RESourced_1.03.zip (Mirror) (39.5 MB)
      Enhanced models and textures for Half-Life: Source.
   High-Definition_Source v1.03

   Needs Half-Life: Source. Extract the contents of the archive to temporal directory,
   follow the instructions from the file High-Definition_RESourced_Readme.txt.

   German users can have problems with using new models because of the low violence lock
   activated for Half-Life: Source. There are two ways to solve a problem. The first one
   is to run Steam in English, but if you have a static German IP-adress, it wouldn't help.
   The second way helps to solve the problem and run game in German. To disable the low
   violence lock follow the advices from this page. You'll have to edit configs and Registry,
   install the patch. Then the folder "\hls" is created in "\half-life source" and you have to
   place all files there. To do this extract the contents of the archive in some temporal folder,
   rename the folder "\hl1" into "\hls" and then place it into "\half-life source".
   Thanks Martin Maibach for this information.

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